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Thursday, March 16, 2017

moving sites

We are moving to wordpress
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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Day 20

I feel like poop, mostly from the surgery. But, the cravings are less and less and im overcoming them! Not too much long till i can call myself a non-smoker! I do worry about going down on the patches and what withdraws ill have then. But thats 3 weeks away. Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since i started my journey, and im quite proud as i have made huge strides. I can smell better, and breathe better (I dont have to take as many asthma meds).
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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Day 19 cont...

Well i suppose ive been a little lazy posting because of the surgery AND my lil one squirming about. 😁 I got the water delivery rescheduled an hour and half before cut off (we have too much). And i managed to start a puzzle of pandas. Soooooo Cute. And found summer's work pic, yay! Thats all really. Looking forward to day 20. Ill probably crash as soon as Chad gets here. Im tired!

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Day 19

After yesterday's implant, the only desire i have is to vegetate on the couch and do nothing. So smoking is not in the picture! I got the implant part done and have to wait 4-5 months for the rest. But for now, i rest.

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Day 18

Here's yet another puzzle done. One more to go then I'm out, ack! 

In the mean time i just woke up (4am) and am SUPER nervous about my dental implant today. Something about someone screwing things into my jawbone does not please me. If it weren't a front tooth i wouldn't bother.

So im wide awake with nothing to do but that last puzzle! And i dont think im going to feel like going to the dollar store after being tortured 😓  Im going to have to employ someone for more puzzles.

Its been working so far keeping my hands busy. And lots of nuts to keep my mouth busy... Now that i didn't think about! I wont be able to eat hard stuff. ACK! Dilemmas dilemmas!

Honestly, im surprised im not chain smoking with how nervous i am... 
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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Day 17

Last night i finished the puzzle.  Amazing how fast it came together! Anyways!

We're on day 17, and instead of it getting easier, its getting harder and harder! Im constantly chewing on something. Im surprized i have fingernails left! LOL!

Tomorrow i go to the dentist for my implant, so i imagine ill be knocked out for quite a bit so that should help!

Time for the next puzzle. Updates soon!

EDA: I just realized i went ALL day without a patch on. And its 4:30pm! Ooops!

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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Day 16

So i didnt get very far in the puzzle yesterday, but thats ok. I kept busy. Went to walmart, entertained my child and husband, made another blog! Tomorrow we're going to get another game for family fun night! 😀

I cant wait. And I fiddled around with Melody's blog. I figured out how to align the text the way that i want to, yay!

Its weee early in the morning, 1:50am, so im going to get to playing with that other blog before i go to bed!
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