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Thursday, March 16, 2017

moving sites

We are moving to wordpress
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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Day 20

I feel like poop, mostly from the surgery. But, the cravings are less and less and im overcoming them! Not too much long till i can call myself a non-smoker! I do worry about going down on the patches and what withdraws ill have then. But thats 3 weeks away. Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since i started my journey, and im quite proud as i have made huge strides. I can smell better, and breathe better (I dont have to take as many asthma meds).
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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Day 19 cont...

Well i suppose ive been a little lazy posting because of the surgery AND my lil one squirming about. 😁 I got the water delivery rescheduled an hour and half before cut off (we have too much). And i managed to start a puzzle of pandas. Soooooo Cute. And found summer's work pic, yay! Thats all really. Looking forward to day 20. Ill probably crash as soon as Chad gets here. Im tired!

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Day 19

After yesterday's implant, the only desire i have is to vegetate on the couch and do nothing. So smoking is not in the picture! I got the implant part done and have to wait 4-5 months for the rest. But for now, i rest.

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Day 18

Here's yet another puzzle done. One more to go then I'm out, ack! 

In the mean time i just woke up (4am) and am SUPER nervous about my dental implant today. Something about someone screwing things into my jawbone does not please me. If it weren't a front tooth i wouldn't bother.

So im wide awake with nothing to do but that last puzzle! And i dont think im going to feel like going to the dollar store after being tortured 😓  Im going to have to employ someone for more puzzles.

Its been working so far keeping my hands busy. And lots of nuts to keep my mouth busy... Now that i didn't think about! I wont be able to eat hard stuff. ACK! Dilemmas dilemmas!

Honestly, im surprised im not chain smoking with how nervous i am... 
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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Day 17

Last night i finished the puzzle.  Amazing how fast it came together! Anyways!

We're on day 17, and instead of it getting easier, its getting harder and harder! Im constantly chewing on something. Im surprized i have fingernails left! LOL!

Tomorrow i go to the dentist for my implant, so i imagine ill be knocked out for quite a bit so that should help!

Time for the next puzzle. Updates soon!

EDA: I just realized i went ALL day without a patch on. And its 4:30pm! Ooops!

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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Day 16

So i didnt get very far in the puzzle yesterday, but thats ok. I kept busy. Went to walmart, entertained my child and husband, made another blog! Tomorrow we're going to get another game for family fun night! 😀

I cant wait. And I fiddled around with Melody's blog. I figured out how to align the text the way that i want to, yay!

Its weee early in the morning, 1:50am, so im going to get to playing with that other blog before i go to bed!
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Friday, March 10, 2017

Albuterol shipment

So im asthmatic, and got my 90 day shipment of albuterol in for my nebulizer, and didn't think it would be THIS much. I wont need any for a long time. I also ordered foil bags to put my meds in so i dont have to worry about spoilage.

Onto the day of not smoking! Ive had a few cravings, but its getting better. I think im eating too much though lol. I think ill start a puzzle because im tired of messing with Melody's blog!
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Blogging to stay busy

So, ive been preening Melody's blog trying to keep my hands busy. And its working, but i have a headache from staring at the computer and its tedious. Only 480+ posts to go on her site. LOL. I fixed this one last night, so all i have to do is keep it in check. Maybe ill go do a puzzle i swore i wouldn't do!
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Day 15 has begun

So here we are in the wee hours of the morning with day 15 to a start. Im sure ill have tons to post later, but i dont think im going to do a puzzle today. Ive learned a new coding trick and i may just play around with that instead 😁
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Thursday, March 9, 2017

2 weeks yay!

Happy 2 weeks!

Its been 2 weeks since i started my journey to quitting smoking. It has been one heck of a struggle, but day by day im getting there. The urges havent gone away at all but they are less frequent! Im still having problems with my asthma, so this process is vital.


and of course its a hard one.

And puzzle done 

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Day 13

Seems like it'd be an unlucky day. But so far so good. Urges are there and im miserable, but i have no choice, this must be done. And the puzzle of the day is still just a wadded mess. I cant keep my concentration long enough to go at it.
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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Day 12

Well, here we are. Painfully day 12. I just want to give in and call it off completely. The urges are horrible, the patches itch, i dont know if the chantix is doing anything. My asthma hasnt gotten any better. And the puzzles get more and more frustrating to finish!!! I feel like im fighting a loosing battle.

Here is the last puzzle i finished today. I really need something else to do.

And my new fav juice LOL
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Monday, March 6, 2017

Day 11

Day 11

And of course here is the puzzle of the day. It might take me several like the last one, this one is pretty hard! They do keep me busy not just through the cravings, but plain old boredom. Sure i could be cleaning, but what fun is that? Seriously!

I thought i lost one of my inhalers earlier and scoured the house for an hour only to find that it was in my new purse. Im not used to it yet and things just kinda hide in there!

Its nice and dreary out, i dont think id want to go out there and smoke anyways. I hope it rains, i have some plants i want to start! Hopefully they live. I havent had much luck with that lately!! 😟

Anywho ill come back when the puzzle is done or i wear out lol! Or some other spectacular news! Until then..

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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Day 10!

Seems like its been a rough day. I first visit my kids, resisting the urge to smoke while out. Still have my good 'ol patch on. After wards i FINALLY finish my puzzle woot! My next batch of puzzles waiting for me to do! I found even more at another dollar store. And while i was gone, sweet hubby did a ton of laundry for me!! What a sweetie
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Saturday, March 4, 2017

My goofball hubby

Sent from work. He must be as bored as I am. Silly boy. At least im entertained while going through withdraws. 
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Day 9 cont...

This puzzle literally looks like it exploded on me. Might as well have... Missing several pieces and there's so much blue i cant make out whats what!

 At least its coming together nicely and keeping my hands busy. Its not killing the cravings but its keeping my lil smoking hands occupied for the day. Let me tell you... These dollar store puzzles are HARD!!! Im going to end up with a whole collection i swear!
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So day 9 here we are!!!!

Day 9 here we are

Yes its late, but im up and excited like a little puppy. 
Another day to proove that I CAN DO IT!!! I have one
more puzzle to work on tomorrow, among tons of laundry
so im sure ill make it through! Will be back later with more news.
Good news!
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Friday, March 3, 2017

Day 8 here we are... And done!

Perfectly content with the puzzle for now. Keeping my hands busy! Well, ive officially gotten through day 8, woohoo!!!!!

 And completed the puzzle. It was a rough one with the cravings and some  other things going on in life, but i managed, and in an hour we start day 9!
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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Holy crap its been a week!

Well holy crap, Its been a week now! I cant believe it! Seems like just yesterday i was fighting so hard it wasnt funny. Now dont get me wrong, its still rough, but not nearly as bad. Now this silly asthma meds keep me up all night, so i celebrated by redoing the blog! Ill get the buttons up later. Still trying to think of how im going to explain why ive been up all night.

Who wouldnt celebrate such an occasion by plugging themselves into the computer until 5am playing with CSS?
Its weird not going outside all day, thats the part i miss. I used to sit and watch everything for most of the day, now i dont have a reason to go out. Enough blabbering! I have more work to do!
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Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Becoming less miserable, but the cravings are still there hardcore! I havent finished the tiger puzzle, but im sure i will.

I got another inhaler and a pill to go along with everything else. Asthma is a pain in the butt. I was still wheezing at my check up :(

ADDING: I completed the puzzle. Onto the next. Im very fricking frustrated right now. Good thing everyone is asleep!
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Welcome to day 6!

Yep we are on day 6! And my puzzle from yesterday is1/2 done.
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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Day 5 - Another puzzel

Trying to keep those hands busy! And so far its working. No smoking for me. I went to the dollar store this morning and bought 3 puzzles that looked pretty hard. We shall see!! Week one is approaching very quickly. What it will look like completed!
Here are the other 2 i picked out. Not bad for 3 bucks.
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Day 5 - fancy like nebulizer

Had to fancy up the nebulizer this morning Isnt is beautiful!??
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Day 5

I finished the puzzle!!!
But i cant sleep either.
My head hurts
my stomach hurts
Im nauseous
Im restless. Ugh. Im gonna be tired tomorrow!
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Monday, February 27, 2017

Day 4

The puzzle is almost done but I'm about to loose my mind. Ive been super frustrated with the smallest of things and the biggest of things. It was a long day for my daughter and I at her dr and due to my own personal withdraws, almost lost it in the dr's direction. I think he knew i meant business though when we talked, Im usually pretty passive towards him.

Then we make it to pharmacy after being at the dr office for 3 friggin hours, she pulls out a BIG nono, and i loose it. Day done. But i have yet to pull out a smoke. It does make for one hell of a stress overload though. At this point i couldnt wait for hubby to get home.

He did, all smiles with dinner. I managed the kid into the tub before he got home and her a snack, but she still ate! It seemed like the day melted away when he got home and i dont need those foul cigarettes anymore. I still crave them like nothing else and it messed up my whole day. I didnt get my first breathing treatment until 5 because i was so overly distracted by the urge.

Day is almost done and the damned dollar store puzzle still isnt done! Im so mad. It should have been an easy one!
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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Day 3

Day 3 has gone well. I cant believe this is what im craving so badly! It tastes nasty, smells nasty, and well just is nasty. Im done for sure.

I have gotten the shakes quite a bit today. Alot more so when i pulled my patch off 2 hours ago. Just withdraws. Gotta grin and bear it. Puttin' on another patch and calling it a day most likely. Im ready for day 4 to try to kick my ass.

And here was my distraction for the day

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

2nd day so far

So far i want to pull my hair out, or shave my head i cant pull it out. Pulling it out sounds mighty painful.
The panic attacks and stress are enough to do me in. I keep trying to get out of the house, and keep thinking i forgot my cigs. *sigh* This is all so overwhelming. Im only into my second day and already want to forfeit! But in my condition, i dont think thats allowed.  I just want this to be over.... Catch up with you when im more "chill"

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Day 1 try 2

So this morning was nothing but craving after craving, tears after tears. Nothing i did was soothing the urge to smoke. I have my patch on, took my chantix, plenty of munchies. But nothing was doing it. AT.ALL.
I was about to run to the store, give in and buy a pack of smokes, when it it hit me how i did this last time!! The E-cig! DUH! So, instead of the gas station, i went an got some e-cigs with 0 nicotine, and almost instantly, the desire to smoke was GONE.  And even at that, im hardly using them. Just when it gets bad and i get shaky.

After procrastinating till 1pm (i was too upset to do anything), I finally had my breathing treatment, and i feel so much better. If i didnt have kids, id sleep it off, but i dont have that choice.
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Day one comes to an end

As im almost at 24 hours, im completely miserable!!! All i want is a cigarette, but then again my health is screaming at me louder. The nebulizer 4x a day right now is necessary and pray i can back off from that. I want to live to see my great grandchildren, and certainly cant do that while smoking.

Its a battle that im not happy about. And really dont want to do, but must move on to day 2 and fight harder and stronger than i did today! Cheers to day 1, prayers to day 2. And much love to anyone out there fighting the same fight!

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Is it normal to be on a nebulizer and still cough and wheeze after?

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Thursday, February 23, 2017


It started off not so well, so i decided to wait till Friday like i originally planned. I may still quit mid day. Its all up in the air.
But the best news is CHAD is quitting with me!! No more smokes, ecigs, nada! Im going to try my best the chantix/patch route and im praying it works. But there are tons of options. So dont bash me too hard if i slip or this doesnt work. Either way, the end goal is to QUIT!! I dont want to be on so many meds and if i dont, the asthma will just get worse. Its bad enough as it is.

And i have to find a replacement idea for the blow pops. They are too big for my mouth and i cant chew on them with my lack of teeth!

IDEAS?? Please leave me a comment!

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Day one fail

I made it through the evening and part of the morning till i had a fight with a sucker. Yes, a sucker. Got mad and ripped open the last pack i had left. So i guess ill have a re-do of day one tomorrow, without back up to resort to. Im upset and disappointed. Its hard for me to chew with partials to begin with, so im going to have to find something to much on in the meantime.

Does anyone know if there are natural type remedies to cessation? Or cures for the munchies and cravings? 
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The last white pill

The dr had told me to wait until i had taken Chantix 7 days before quitting. Im on my last white pill, which is 7 days, so maybe she meant the FULL 7 days into the blue pills? Hummm
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