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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Day 5 - Another puzzel

Trying to keep those hands busy! And so far its working. No smoking for me. I went to the dollar store this morning and bought 3 puzzles that looked pretty hard. We shall see!! Week one is approaching very quickly. What it will look like completed!
Here are the other 2 i picked out. Not bad for 3 bucks.
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Day 5 - fancy like nebulizer

Had to fancy up the nebulizer this morning Isnt is beautiful!??
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Day 5

I finished the puzzle!!!
But i cant sleep either.
My head hurts
my stomach hurts
Im nauseous
Im restless. Ugh. Im gonna be tired tomorrow!
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Monday, February 27, 2017

Day 4

The puzzle is almost done but I'm about to loose my mind. Ive been super frustrated with the smallest of things and the biggest of things. It was a long day for my daughter and I at her dr and due to my own personal withdraws, almost lost it in the dr's direction. I think he knew i meant business though when we talked, Im usually pretty passive towards him.

Then we make it to pharmacy after being at the dr office for 3 friggin hours, she pulls out a BIG nono, and i loose it. Day done. But i have yet to pull out a smoke. It does make for one hell of a stress overload though. At this point i couldnt wait for hubby to get home.

He did, all smiles with dinner. I managed the kid into the tub before he got home and her a snack, but she still ate! It seemed like the day melted away when he got home and i dont need those foul cigarettes anymore. I still crave them like nothing else and it messed up my whole day. I didnt get my first breathing treatment until 5 because i was so overly distracted by the urge.

Day is almost done and the damned dollar store puzzle still isnt done! Im so mad. It should have been an easy one!
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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Day 3

Day 3 has gone well. I cant believe this is what im craving so badly! It tastes nasty, smells nasty, and well just is nasty. Im done for sure.

I have gotten the shakes quite a bit today. Alot more so when i pulled my patch off 2 hours ago. Just withdraws. Gotta grin and bear it. Puttin' on another patch and calling it a day most likely. Im ready for day 4 to try to kick my ass.

And here was my distraction for the day

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

2nd day so far

So far i want to pull my hair out, or shave my head i cant pull it out. Pulling it out sounds mighty painful.
The panic attacks and stress are enough to do me in. I keep trying to get out of the house, and keep thinking i forgot my cigs. *sigh* This is all so overwhelming. Im only into my second day and already want to forfeit! But in my condition, i dont think thats allowed.  I just want this to be over.... Catch up with you when im more "chill"

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Day 1 try 2

So this morning was nothing but craving after craving, tears after tears. Nothing i did was soothing the urge to smoke. I have my patch on, took my chantix, plenty of munchies. But nothing was doing it. AT.ALL.
I was about to run to the store, give in and buy a pack of smokes, when it it hit me how i did this last time!! The E-cig! DUH! So, instead of the gas station, i went an got some e-cigs with 0 nicotine, and almost instantly, the desire to smoke was GONE.  And even at that, im hardly using them. Just when it gets bad and i get shaky.

After procrastinating till 1pm (i was too upset to do anything), I finally had my breathing treatment, and i feel so much better. If i didnt have kids, id sleep it off, but i dont have that choice.
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Day one comes to an end

As im almost at 24 hours, im completely miserable!!! All i want is a cigarette, but then again my health is screaming at me louder. The nebulizer 4x a day right now is necessary and pray i can back off from that. I want to live to see my great grandchildren, and certainly cant do that while smoking.

Its a battle that im not happy about. And really dont want to do, but must move on to day 2 and fight harder and stronger than i did today! Cheers to day 1, prayers to day 2. And much love to anyone out there fighting the same fight!

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Is it normal to be on a nebulizer and still cough and wheeze after?

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Thursday, February 23, 2017


It started off not so well, so i decided to wait till Friday like i originally planned. I may still quit mid day. Its all up in the air.
But the best news is CHAD is quitting with me!! No more smokes, ecigs, nada! Im going to try my best the chantix/patch route and im praying it works. But there are tons of options. So dont bash me too hard if i slip or this doesnt work. Either way, the end goal is to QUIT!! I dont want to be on so many meds and if i dont, the asthma will just get worse. Its bad enough as it is.

And i have to find a replacement idea for the blow pops. They are too big for my mouth and i cant chew on them with my lack of teeth!

IDEAS?? Please leave me a comment!

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Day one fail

I made it through the evening and part of the morning till i had a fight with a sucker. Yes, a sucker. Got mad and ripped open the last pack i had left. So i guess ill have a re-do of day one tomorrow, without back up to resort to. Im upset and disappointed. Its hard for me to chew with partials to begin with, so im going to have to find something to much on in the meantime.

Does anyone know if there are natural type remedies to cessation? Or cures for the munchies and cravings? 
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The last white pill

The dr had told me to wait until i had taken Chantix 7 days before quitting. Im on my last white pill, which is 7 days, so maybe she meant the FULL 7 days into the blue pills? Hummm
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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Im ready

...but a tad nervous. I was going to start Friday, but i think Ill start tomorrow.
I've got my Chantix (tons of it), Patches, and blowpops. Can anyone think of anything else im missing?

MUST have the sweet candy or ill just loose it!
This and the Chantix is the workhorse.  Im hoping it all works out!

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And this is why

Im quitting. It looks horrible for an adult to be hooked to one of these things. And its not fun every 4 hours either!!!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Its coming up fast

Its coming up faster than it seemed! Friday is creeping by and im already trying to cut back. So starting Friday ill have a wad of lolipops and no fingernails, but hay, ive done this before! So cheer me on, comment, bash me, whatever. Friday ill be smoke free!

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