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Monday, March 6, 2017

Day 11

Day 11

And of course here is the puzzle of the day. It might take me several like the last one, this one is pretty hard! They do keep me busy not just through the cravings, but plain old boredom. Sure i could be cleaning, but what fun is that? Seriously!

I thought i lost one of my inhalers earlier and scoured the house for an hour only to find that it was in my new purse. Im not used to it yet and things just kinda hide in there!

Its nice and dreary out, i dont think id want to go out there and smoke anyways. I hope it rains, i have some plants i want to start! Hopefully they live. I havent had much luck with that lately!! 😟

Anywho ill come back when the puzzle is done or i wear out lol! Or some other spectacular news! Until then..


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